Wotnot Naturals was started by two Aussie women passionate about natural well-being. From the beginning we have collaborated with our customers to create the purest, most practical products for the whole family, that are gentle and kind, not only to the most sensitive skin, but also to our planet.

We operate the business based on our four core values of respect, commitment, collaboration and courage. These fundamental principles are at the forefront of everything we do.

With are committed to working with our customers to bring innovation and nature together so there is no need to compromise on quality or performance. We are inspired by our community of mums and hope that the products we've created together help you to make the switch to natural. 

Sinead & Sioned

Wotnot Naturals organic sunscreen founders

Our Values

At the heart of everything we do are our four core values:

  • Respect for the earth, animals, our team, our customers and everyone we work with
  • Commitment to our team, customers, partners and our mission to enhance our customers’ well-being and peace of mind
  • Collaboration helps make us better and we welcome this with everyone we work with
  • Courage to be innovative, to challenge our limitations and try new things

Our Mission

We make innovative natural and organic skincare for women seeking to improve their and their family’s well-being. We do this with passion, courage and commitment because we care about people and our planet. 

Our Commitment

We know it’s cool to be kind to our planet and we take this job very seriously. From being conscious of the waste generated in a standard office on a daily basis (always reuse first!), to creative up-cycling (our empty tape rolls end up in childcare centres and local playgroups to be used for craft), we aim to minimise environmental impact. If it can’t be re-used, we recycle and likewise we source recycled materials for our own use (our pallets are made from recycled woodchip and all our printed matter is done on recycled paper and card).

Wotnot offset all our carbon emissions through planting new trees in areas of deforestation.

Caring for children

We are passionate about the well-being of children and so have teamed up with Bear Cottage to support its important function as a children's hospice. It is a home like no other where children with terminal illnesses and their families can stay from time to time, rest and receive medical care. In addition to providing respite and end of life care, Bear Cottage runs a number of other programs aimed at supporting the entire family. 

Women for women

Wotnot supports women in every way and we understand that there are women all over Australia who face domestic violence, both physical and emotional. This is why we have chosen to donate a percentage of sales from our beauty range to Women’s Community Shelters. We believe that it is important for women to support women.


Proudly supporting…

Proudly supporting Bear Cottage Women's Community Shelters Supporting Carbon Neutral