Body exfoliating mitt


The key to a flawless finish!

The gentle and effective exfoliating mitt helps to detoxify skin, leaving it cleansed and smooth to ensure a flawless streak-free tan.

Exfoliating is the most important first step to achieving a flawless finish when self-tanning. Dry, rough patches of skin tend to attract and hold more colour than skin which is even and smooth. Wotnot body exfoliating mitt is a gentle and effective glove that removes toxins and dead skin cells naturally, leaving luxuriously soft skin perfectly primed for a flawless streak-free tan.

For best results follow with Wotnot natural self-tan lotion

We are so passionate about Women's Community Shelters Australia that we have pledged to donate a percentage of every Wotnot tanning product to the charity so please help us to make a difference by adding a product to your cart!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great mitt

I am very happy with the exfoliation mitt. Easy to use. The loop for hanging is a good size. The mitt itself is a good size for my hand.

Thanks Melissa for your 5 star review! We really appreciate your feedback. Cheers, The Wotnot team
Makes exfoliating easy!

I often find exfoliating too bothersome, especially now that I'm a mum, I'm sure lots of mums would agree; it's one of the first beauty regimes that you drop. But I am an epilating woman when it comes to hair removal and also very prone to ingrown hairs so this product made me go 'ooo-yeah' when it so effectively popped out those sneaky hairs lying under the surface that always seem to pop their annoying heads out a few days after I have spent 30mins epilating! Thanks to the Wotnot body exfoliating mit I was able to get those little buggers out before I did my hair removal meaning I'm going to have some silky smooth pins for much longer than usual. On top of this it didn't require much elbow grease to use the mit well and clean it afterwards. I love that it's black so after some use it won't look all gross and sketchy like some of my previous exfoliating gloves. This one is a good value for money product and works well for a busy mumma who needs to get those sneaky ingrown hairs and shed some scales!

Exfoliating mitt

WWW: (What went well)
I felt like it Exfoliated my skin amazingly it felt really smooth and fresh it was honestly the best Exfoliating Mitt I have used
I felt like it wasn’t too dense and was the perfect texture
EBI (even better if)
When I used it with the WotNot Natural Gradual Tanning Lotion it didn’t get the tanning lotion evenly distributed.I don’t know if this was the tanning lotion or the Exfoliating Mitt.
That was All my thoughts on these products! Sorry, The feedback was a little late!
If you check my Instagram (Mae.Natural.Beauty)there is a post of a review!

Thank you, Livi from Mae.natural.Beauty!

Great addition to the shower

This exfoliating mitt is unlike those that I’ve used before. It is easy to use and does a fabulous job prepping your skin for gradual (or fake tan) application. I used with my usual body wash in the shower and it rid me of my scaly skin. I recommend adding this to your shower routine.

This is a Must Have for Tanning

I truly believe that exfoliating before self-tanning is important in order to achieve the best possible tanning results. I absolutely love the Wotnot body exfoliating mitt. I use this 24 hours before tanning with my regular shower gel. I love how even and streak-free my tan is due to exfoliating properly before applying self-tanner.
In the past, when I have not used this mitt to exfoliate prior to tanning, I have had patchy areas. Thank you so much wotnot, I adore this product. I highly recommend this product.