4 Pack Wotnot Baby Wipes (280 wipes)

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Designed By Aussie Mums For Delicate Bums

Wotnot Naturals Baby Wipes keep your family clean today at no cost to their health tomorrow. Made from certified organic ingredients and 100% natural bamboo fibres, you can trust them to clean up thrills and spills without irritating delicate baby skin. And because each wipe is made extra large, one does the job of two, giving you more value with less waste.


✔︎ Gentle on delicate baby skin
✔︎ No hidden toxic nasties or fragrances
✔︎ Certified organic aloe and vitamin e
✔︎ Super soft, super strong, extra large
✔︎ 100% natural & biodegradable bamboo fibres
✔︎ Suitable for the most sensitive, problem prone skin 

What's Included

✔︎ 100% Natural Baby Wipes 12 pack  
✔︎ 70 sheets each pack

What They're Saying

The Real Mumma Blog ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑
“I’ve shared these products with quite a few people now and the feedback is AMAZING!”

Emma | Customer ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑
“These are the absolute best baby wipes I have come across for my little ones. They clean/wipe the skin extremely well, leave no residue and are the only wipes that haven't caused a reaction/rash for my bubbas sensitive skin."


Chemicals Belong In The Lab, Not Our Kids

Baby skin's a carrier, not a barrier. The body doesn't know what to do with foreign substances absorbed through the skin so it dumps them in fat cells where they accumulate across a lifetime. This can manifest in unpredictable ailments from reactions to allergies and developmental disorders to cancer. Chemical Free. Wotnot Naturals Baby Wipes are safe. No compromises are made. No promises are broken. We use natural, plant-based ingredients to heal, not harm. If eating wipes was a thing, then ours would be the main course. Gentle on sensitive skin. Wotnot Naturals Baby Wipes are recommended by midwives all across Australia as the ideal way of cleansing newborns and babies -- one less thing for you to agonise over.

Proud supporters of the Eczema Association of Australia . Our baby wipes are suitable for the most problem prone skin and conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Extra Convenient For Extra Dirty Babies

Let's face it. Our kids can be pretty gross. They have gunk under their fingernails and dried stuff on the tips of their nose. And that's before we even check their pants. But we still love them. Which is why we need mummy tools to make cleaning up a breeze. Super soft. Our soft little secret might just have something to do with the 100% natural fibres of our wipes which make them so gentle on baby skin. Uncommonly Strong. It's often said that Wotnot Naturals Baby Wipes are the only thing in the universe standing between clean hands and poo on your fingers. Extra Large. It's not a choice between ethics and convenience. You can have both. Our 100% natural wipe is the largest in Australia. One does the job of two - more with less. Especially Moist. Designed by mums to contain more moisture than conventional wipes, Wotnot Baby Wipes are moist right down to the last sheet in the pack.

Because There's No Planet B

Our world needs a fresh start in life -- just like our kids. But most baby wipes marketed as pure or otherwise are made from polyester - a form of un-compostable plastic with the second largest carbon footprint in the world. By using Wotnot, you can be an active part of the change we all need to happen. 100% Natural. Wotnot Naturals Baby Wipes are made from 100% natural fibres, ethically sourced and manufactured sustainably. Not only are they good for your skin, they're good for the planet. 100% Biodegradable. You won't find our wipes blocking sewers nor choking our reefs and marine life with microplastics. Wotnot Naturals Baby Wipes are biodegradable which means they break down naturally.

Made Without:

✘ alcohol ✘ fragrances ✘ sulfates ✘ petrochemicals ✘ parabens ✘ pthalates ✘ PEGs ✘ chlorine ✘ caustics ✘ glycols ✘ phenoxyethanol

purified water, decyl glucoside (extra mild surfactant), certified organic aloe barbadensis (certified organic aloe vera), tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), sodium citrate, citric acid, and silver dihydrogen citrate (extra mild preservative).

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