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We would like to introduce you to another one of the charities that are very close to our hearts and that we support ongoingly. Now more than ever, women all around Australia need to feel safe, secure, supported and equal. Covid-19 restrictions, along with unemployment rates and financial stress linked to the pandemic, floods and other unprecedented emergencies have caused a spike in domestic violence cases across the country.

Did you know, 56,000 women in Australia are homeless every night, and more than one in two women who seek a bed in a crisis shelter are turned away every night, mostly due to a lack of space. And these are just the ones who find out they can ask for a safe place to go.

“Our mission at Wotnot Naturals is to help improve the wellbeing of all women. As part of this we donate a percentage of sales from our organic beauty range to Women’s Community Shelters”. (Sioned Guard and Sinead Roberts, Founders of Wotnot Naturals)

Women’s Community Shelters (WCS) is an Australian charity working with communities to establish new shelters, which provide short term emergency accommodation and support in a safe environment that enables homeless women to rebuild self-esteem and achieve control and fulfilment of their lives.
Womens Community Shelter - what your donation achieves for women and children

For a woman to get out of the situation she faces, she needs a range of support services, not just help finding affordable housing. These include access to counselling, health care, assistance to navigate government bureaucracy, legal help, further education and employment to re-establish control over her life.

Each individual shelter employs a paid Shelter Manager, a number of Case Workers, an Outreach and Child Support Worker (where funds allow) and are further supported by a network of hard-working volunteers. In addition to the volunteer boards, shelters have up to 80 active volunteers who support the work of the shelter through fundraising activities, event coordination, giving, organising and supporting activities for women and children.

 Womens shelter 2021 results, graphic displays what has been achieved. 433 women and children accommodated 309 received outreach suport

“WCS relies on the support of partners such as Wotnot and I thank you on behalf of the women and children in our growing shelter network. We now have seven shelters, with two in the pipeline and we have expanded our transitional housing properties from just 3 in 2018 to over 20 in 2022, meaning we can offer ongoing safe accommodation and support to women and children when they leave our shelters.”

(Nathalie Peacock – Head of Partnerships and Communications, Women's Community Shelters

We are so proud to be supporting such important work in our communities to assist women to get back on their feet in their time of need.

By purchasing from the Wotnot beauty range, your donations can help us build an Australia where women and children are safe, secure, supported and equal.

To hear more about their invaluable work or to see how you can help, visit https://www.womenscommunityshelters.org.au/

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