Why you should start off the New Year exercising as a Family

Many years ago, there used to be nothing decent to watch on TV so you would go for a stroll after dinner with the family and perhaps the family dog. Oh, how things have changed, the endless supply of the digital world and at home entertainment results in a half of Aussie kids are not getting enough exercise.

It is important to ensure regular physical activity becomes a habit early on so that can be carried on to adulthood. Taking that time out to do an activity or exercise with the family benefits the whole family’s health but not only that it builds positive relationships.

I remember going to walks all through out my childhood with my mum or my family and that where we could really all talk to each other about everything that’s going on in our lives, it’s a bonding tool and we continue to do this till this day.

Swedish researchers discovered that the more a child under 10 exercised daily, were less likely to suffer from fractures due to better bone density. As well as those parents who have encouraged themselves and their kids to exercise and eat well were highly likely to continue this habit.

A good way to start is daily walks, going down to the local oval to play some games, join a fun run, go for a swim, cooking healthy meals together etc. If kids, watch adults having fun exercising they wouldn’t want to miss out on joining in.

Buying your kids and family active gifts is healthy step forward instead of a tech gift. Try maybe a soccer ball, hula hoop, basketball ring even a trampoline can keep the kids active for hours. It helps them practise skills and talents they didn’t even know they had.

So maybe your new years resolution should not just focus on increasing your fitness but the whole family.

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