Why it is great to have your own Compost Bin

You may be thinking that it's silly to collect all your veggie scraps to make another pile of rubbish at home but having a compost bin can really change your home life and the environment. Food waste is a huge problem in Australia and residents say they would be more enthusiastic about composting wasted food if it was more convenient.

So first of all let's start with how composting works. In the right ratio of 1:2 of browns i.e. dead leaves and greens i.e. grass clippings with the additional kitchen scraps will form together to break down into organic waste, resulting in an amazing fertilizer for your garden. Not only that, but there will be less garbage in your home, more space in your council bin, less wasted food and it reduces toxins and pollution in the air.

If enough Australians start composting it will eventually help manage climate change, water pollution and storm water.

The reasons people are skeptical about composting come from listening to the myths not facts. For example “I don’t want rats in my compost bin”. If your compost bin is built correctly, with gravel and wire, then there should be no entry points for unwelcome visitors. You can also purchase a small in-house compost bins. People might also believe that composts are “smelly” however if you have the right blend of ingredients and keep your bin out of the sun it shouldn’t smell.

Compost bins are very easy to manage and once started require very little up keep.

You can keep your compost for years and it will keep supplying your garden with amazing fertiliser.

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