Want a Glowing Healthy Face for Summer?

1. Start with washing your face before bed. This can either be done with a face wash, scrub or face wipes to save the hassle of getting up to go to the sink. Using facewipes that are natural and free of chemicals will wipe away the daily grime and prevent breakouts and stinging reactions. Using compostable ones infused with organic oils and skin-benefiting ingredients makes this first step a treatment by itself. 

2. Don’t just give you face a quick wash, use a 20-cent piece size of cleanser and foam it up to about 45 seconds, because that is the amount of time it takes to clear dirt and oil of skin.

3. Don’t leave behind any cleanser on your skin as it will cause the skin to be dry. Use lukewarm water to remove all the cleanser. Hot water can dry out the skin whilst cold water stops your pores from opening, so lukewarm is best. Using a toner will help to remove even the last bits of dirt as well as the cleanser and prepare the skin for the serums and moisturiser to come. The Wotnot Naturals Self Tan Water Mist works as a toner with over eleven organic botanicals plus gives you A+ glow with its natural tan.

4. Wear a good night cream, this insures that your face will stay hydrated. It helps give your skin a finer texture and prevents wrinkles and sagginess.

5. Always wash your face again in the morning. The thick night cream needs to be removed as well as the oils from your hair and face that build up on your pillowcase.

6. Before makeup and after cleansing apply sunscreen with SPF daily, no matter what the weather. This limits the cause of wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems. If you want one that doesn’t block your pores make sure it says ‘nonacnegenic’ or ‘noncomedogenic’. Apply a primer before makeup to stop the harsh makeup damaging your skin. Or use a SPF that acts as a primer too like Wotnot Naturals Prime & Protect Face Sunscreen. Or skip a couple of steps and get out the door quicker by using our newest face sunscreen addition. an amazing combination of SPF40, an anti-aging plant collagen serum and beautiful mineral make-up. Giving you an even and beautiful coverage, that protects you at the same time. 

7. Want bonus points with your skin? Exfoliate once or twice a week. It demolishes dead skin which lets your skin products penetrate deeper and become more useful to limit signs of gaining and breakouts.

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