The Lightbulb Moment for Mums with Teenagers

We can all be a bit lazy with our skincare routine but if you have teenagers being lazy with skincare routine can mean having a non-existant skin routine! We believe we have created the product that is ideal for lazy teenagers in our WOTNOT facial wipes for oily/sensitive skin, they are a one swipe skincare routine and if that is all your teenager can manage then you know that they have used the best certified organic ingredients on their face!

WOTNOT Facial Wipes for oily/sensitive skin are a refreshing blend of all natural ingredients including Australian certified organic pink grapefruit to cleanse, even skin tone and help increase the pH of the skin to keep acne at bay. Certified organic papaya oil to help keep skin smooth, soft and supple and certified organic rosehip oil to help skin regeneration and moisture re-balancing. Another key ingredient is Australian certified organic petitgrain oil which helps retain moisture and is also highly effective in fighting off acne and pimples by controlling the oil balance of the skin and inhibiting bacterial growth.

There is a common misconception amongst teenagers that the best way to combat oily skin is with harsh astringents that strip away excess oil. This is absolutely not the case and as part of this product launch we hope to educate teens on a better way of keeping excess oils at bay.

Skin becomes oily when there is an overproduction of sebum, a mixture of waxes and fats created in the sebaceous glands. While sebum is necessary to the proper function and protection of skin, an overabundance of this oil can leave skin looking and feeling greasy. A variety of factors can influence sebum production, including heredity, hormone production and improper skin cleansing and maintenance. Harsh astringent dry up this oil very effectively but stress the skin which can lead to an overproduction of sebum and start a vicious cycle.

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