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Surfing Foodie Tarnea O'Meara's Top Skincare Tips for a Busy Lifestyle

Looking after my skin is something I do every day. I’m in the sun and outdoor elements all the time. I don’t like to use chemical based skin care and opt for organic and animal-friendly products.  

How I keep it clear…

I'm on the go a lot of the time but I always have my basic routine:


Face cleanse/wash upon rising. 

I always wash my face when I get up, if I have more time or if the surf is not pumping, I’ll do a cleanse, but I find the salty cold water does the trick for a good cleanse. 


Face serum morning and night.

This helps with my hydration and is so quick and easy to travel with. 



I use either an organic/chemical free sunscreen or a zinc. I rarely use sunscreen and opt for shirts or zinc, but when I do, I try to steer clear of the cheap nasty ones! And I don't leave it on, once I’m out of the water, it comes off straight off with the facial Wotnot wipes.


Good food.

Many people forget that good skin starts from the inside out. It’s not always a topical ointment or application that will fix it, but more so suppress the problem. The care products are there to assist and help you nourish your skin but don't forget that it can all start with what you consume.



I drink lemon water when I wake up and carry water with me all the time! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


Have me time!

I love to cook and surf. These are both my chill out times and times when I am less stressed. I love cooking for the family and bringing everyone together. Stress is a killer and I can't express enough to have a bit of downtime to do what you love. Which leads me to my last tip.


Treat yourself!

I get a facial once a month, and I love it, my skin loves it, and its a time where I can just chill and get my skin looking good. I'm in the sun and surf all the time so its much needed. Find your favourite place and treat your self!


How I start my day...

My days get pretty busy when I look at them. I start with a face wash and lemon water on rising leading into;

  • A quick stretch
  • surf check, surf for an hour and a half
  • maybe yoga if the surf is bad
  • train
  • surf again
  • work
  • uni till 930pm sometimes
  • study, assignments
  • blog - cook, recipe experiments


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