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Self-Tanning Secrets with Emmily Banks from Depths of Beauty

Top 3 Tips for Self-Tanning Preparation

1. Buff up

The most important re-tanning preparation is exfoliating! This means any dead skin cells, dirt or grim that could get in the way of an even application are removed and your skin is a smooth and moisturised canvas.

2. Remove the fuzz 

My second tip is to do all hair removal at least 24 hours before. This means the skin has a chance to calm and, if waxing, pores to close before applying tan. Is also means avoiding trying to remove hair after tan application which can leave patches and streaks.

3. Ditch other products

My third and final tip is to avoid putting any perfume, oils, moisturisers or deodorants on the day of tan application. These products and oils can interfere with tan absorption and adherence and can lead to a patchy result- not what we’re after!


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Avoid these Pitfalls that Lead to Bad Results

Common pitfalls that lead to bad results are skipping exfoliation, hair removal right before application and applying the tan over other products.

How to Maintain Your Tan for as Long as Possible

The key to a long lasting tan is hydration and moisturising! Be sure to moisturise everyday focusing on elbows, knees and any other areas prone to dryness. As well as moisturising from the outside in, it is so important to keep your skin hydrated from within by drinking lots of water and herbal tea.

Removing Your Tan 

The best way to remove fake tan is to gently exfoliate using an au natural exfoliant or exfoliating glove. Simply use gentle, circular motions all over the body to encourage even removal of the tan. Be sure to moisturise following tan removal too to ensure the skin hasn’t been stripped of its natural moisture.  


Author: Emmily Banks

Instagram: @depthsofbeauty

Facebook: Depths of Beauty

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