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Making the Switch to Natural Baby Products: What you need to know!

When caring for your baby’s skin, it can be hard to know where to start and what baby skincare to use. Choosing products that will work for your family can be tough! It should be simpler than having to navigate an ingredient list filled with 7 syllable chemical names that are impossible to pronounce. Here at Wotnot, it only takes three words (and 7 syllables in total) to get excited when talking about baby care — natural baby products! 

We believe that taking care of a newborn with natural and organic baby skincare is the best step to set your little one up for a healthy and happy life. This is exactly why we’ve been working tirelessly, with our community of mums, to develop our new unique baby skincare range. This range will allow you to care for your baby in a natural and nourishing way extending to Nappy Rash Cream, Baby Shampoo, Baby Wash & Bubble Bath and Baby Lotion as well as our best-selling 100% Natural Baby Wipes and Natural Sunscreen.

Explore our Natural Baby Skincare Range

Why Consider Organic and Natural Baby Skincare?

Why is using organic and natural baby products so important? Baby’s skin differs from ours as it is thinner and more delicate. With delicate skin comes sensitivity which can make skin more irritated by allergens and conventional baby products. This is because they include those pesky chemicals such as methylparaben, ethylparaben, benzyl alcohol or even sodium benzoate (which is shown to increase the risk of inflammation, ADHD and even allergies — ouch!). 

So, when bath time comes around you want natural baby products that will not only be gentle on your bubs skin, but also contain soothing, therapeutic ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, to ensure their gentle skin is both clean and nourished.

Natural Baby Wash

The Benefits of Natural Baby Products & Skincare

We could talk all day about the benefits of natural and organic baby skincare, especially when it comes to baby products that actually nourish your baby’s skin. To keep it simple for you, we’ve chosen three major benefits that will make you confident in switching to natural baby products for bath time and baby skincare.

Free from toxins, fillers & synthetic fragrances 

As natural baby products have no nasties, fragrances or preservatives they are perfect for sensitive skin. If your little one has experienced a reaction to preservatives in food or in other baby products (like parabens and sodium benzoate) it might be time to make the switch to test if natural baby skincare has a positive impact on your baby’s health.

Gentle on baby skin

Being gentle on the skin ensures that your baby can be relaxed at bath time. Preparing a bath with the ideal temperature and providing the perfect bath time routine is only the beginning. If the products you are using aren’t gentle on the skin then your little one can become uncomfortable and irritable at bath time or later into the night.

Certified organic aloe vera & 2% colloidal oatmeal

With Wotnot’s range of natural baby skincare containing certified organic aloe vera as the primary ingredient (instead of water like most baby products), you know that your little one is getting the best antibacterial properties from this wondrous ingredient. Aloe vera can also aid in wound healing, improving overall skin health and helping soothe any other rashes or skin conditions that might flare up on your baby’s skin.

The inclusion of 2% colloidal oatmeal in our natural baby products hasn’t happened by accident. Colloidal oatmeal helps to bind your little one's skin and lock in moisture whilst also helping to soothe and soften the skin through its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s pretty much a wonder ingredient that uses natural properties to help relieve itchy, dry or irritated skin for your bub!

The Best Baby Skincare Products When Starting Your Baby’s Journey with Natural Baby Products

So, you’ve read the benefits and are ready to implement natural baby products into your baby care routine. Which products should you choose? Wotnot Natural’s range of natural baby skincare is uniquely co-created with you, our community of mums, to ensure that your bub gets only the best. If you wouldn’t put it on your baby’s skin you won’t find it in our products. So you can rest assured that our baby skincare will nourish and clean your baby’s skin with only the most natural ingredients. Explore our natural baby skincare below or discover the full range here.

Natural Baby Skincare

 Natural Nappy Rash Cream

Our multi-purpose nappy rash cream helps soothe and heal nappy rash with organic aloe vera, colloidal oatmeal and pawpaw. This 3-in-1 balm is also perfect to help treat bug bites, abrasions and cradle cap, and is suitable for newborns and babies as well as children with the most sensitive skin. In fact, this natural nappy rash cream is the only baby cream that combines the benefits of these ingredients without cheap preservatives and fillers!

Explore our 100% Natural Nappy Rash Cream & Baby Balm!

Natural baby Nappy Rash cream

 Natural Baby Soap & Bubble Bath

When bathing your bubba it is important to choose a product with a natural baby soap or foamer. Made from mostly edible ingredients (how good!) our Baby Wash and Bubble Bath contains certified organic aloe vera as the main ingredient and 2% colloidal oatmeal to soothe and nourish during bath time. Our Natural Baby Wash & Bubble Bath is a top to toe option for newborns, from the tips of their toes to the top of their head. As your baby’s hair grows and thickens we also have a separate Natural Baby Shampoo with a luxuriously mild hair softener.  It’s safe to say this is the best natural baby soap you’ll find for newborns. 

Discover our 100% Natural Baby Wash & Bubble Bath!

Natural baby wash and bubble bath

Natural and Organic Baby Lotion

Want your baby to feel relaxed and soothed after bath time? Our natural and organic baby lotion is the perfect post-bath lotion to massage and hydrate your bubba from top to toe. With calming ingredients including colloidal oatmeal, chamomile and jojoba and a non-greasy formula your little one can be nourished night after night. 

Explore the 100% Natural & Organic Baby Body Lotion now! 

 Natural and organic Baby lotion

Natural and Organic Baby Shampoo

Products that are kind to your baby’s skin are our favourites! However, being kind to the planet makes it even better. Our natural organic Baby Shampoo (as well as our Baby Wash and Bubble Bath) is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and is suitable for newborns all the way through childhood. Our foamer is plant-based, renewable and biodegradable and is available in refill packs, so you can use less plastic when repurchasing which is a win-win for your baby and our planet! 

Shop our 100% Natural Baby Shampoo today.

natural and organic baby shampoo

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