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Jojoba Oil – a multitasking wonder oil [and super wrinkle fighter!]

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Our new series of blogs will delve into the goods, the bads and the uglies of ingredients. Why are we using the ingredients that are in our products and why are we leaving others out? What science stands behind them and what can they do to you, your skin and your health. Because as our name suggests, at Wotnot we truly believe in "100% wot's good, 0% wot's not". So only the finest ingredients go in and we leave out what is not needed or is even harmful. 

Jojoba Oil

Plant-based oils are all the rage and rightly so. Their active ingredients make them the superheroes of skin-care, keeping your skin looking good all year round, especially during the cooler months. Mother Nature has gifted us with a whole variety of botanical ingredients that make skin happy, healthy and age defying. Age defying you hear… YES … introducing our favourite skin saviour - super hydrating wrinkle fighting - Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba Oil is basically a wonder plant. Pronounced ho-HO-ba, this luscious, dream oil is a true multitasker and its uses are endless. Despite what the name suggests, jojoba is actually a liquid wax which comes from a shrub native to America and Mexico. Centuries ago, native Americans used jojoba seeds to soothe, heal and restore the skin.

Why is jojoba oil good for your skin?

Jojoba oil is naturally gentle, non-irritating, and does not block your pores, making it perfect for every skin type. It helps dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, skin with scarring, sunburn and continues to work its magic on the most sensitive of skin. You got it; it helps! It has nearly all the vitamins and minerals required to promote the growth of healthy skin and hair.

Hydrates skin – Jojoba Oil is unlike any other oil as it is actually more like a wax. Jojoba oil’s chemical structure is unique – closely resembling sebum, a waxy substance naturally produced by our skin glands. The key is its ability to act like our skin’s natural oils. Jojoba it is so similar to our skin’s sebum, it is able to moisturise deeply even if our body fails to do it naturally. It is wonderful for relieving dry, flaking, itching skin (such as skin conditions like eczema).

Acne- Control - Jojoba oil is also non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog the pores. This makes jojoba oil perfect for acne-prone skin because it tricks your skin into thinking it's already produced enough oil when applied. It penetrates deep into the skin unclogging pores and removing built up bacteria that causes acne. So, it works on both dry and oily skin – win win!

 A Natural wrinkle fighter –  Packed with antioxidants, jojoba can aid in helping to keep skin plump, smooth, bright and naturally beautiful. The vitamin B complex help to fight free radicals and repair cell damage. And the vitamin E helps speed up cell regeneration. A great anti-aging ingredient which promotes collagen and reduces risk of fine lines. It is also full of amino acids which are the building blocks of collagen. Hooray for wrinkle fighters!

 Rich in vitamins and minerals – packed with omega 3 and 6 and vitamins A, & E, it is very soothing to the skin. Unlike most oils, jojoba does not give an oily or greasy appearance on application, and it's also odourless. (Huzzah)!

Natural anti-inflammatory - Jojoba is a natural anti-inflammatory and quenches the thirst of dry, scaly skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. The vitamin E and iodine help with inflamed, compromised skin.

 Healing and Nourishing – The healing properties of jojoba have been known for centuries, including its ability to reduce the look and feel of irritation and unwanted marks such as reducing scars and stretch marks. This wonder oil also soothes chapped, dry or sunburnt skin so it’s a no wonder it’s super popular all year round.

Jojoba is one of the reasons why Wotnot’s skincare is so effective across all skin types, life stages and concerns. We believe that nature is our best medicine, which is why we use natural, organic ingredients like jojoba oil in our products and leave out harmful additives, and chemical nasties. 

Wotnot proudly uses ACO (Australian Certified Organic) jojoba oil in our:

We LOVE hearing from families and customers who have benefitted from our products and nature’s wonder oil. Afterall, our products have come to life with our community at the heart. We know you care about what you and your families put on your bodies, so we created products including the magic of jojoba. We love harnessing the power of nature to bring you gorgeous products which are good for your wellbeing and the planet. And Jojoba – let’s face it; it’s liquid gold for your skin!

You dream. We create.

Contributor: Marianne Randall


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