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How to make Christmas Shopping Fun and When to Start

Christmas time can be stressful, long lines, confused shoppers and screaming kids. It doesn’t have to be this hard though, it can actually be quite a fun experience.

To begin with start shopping early, we suggest end of November to the first week of December. That way if anything is forgotten there’s plenty of time to go back. Begin with making a list, who you have to buy for, the budget and some ideas.

The easiest way we have all found to shop is online. This needs to be done earlier enough that packages are delivered on time. This can be a fun way to shop, pour yourself a glass of wine, get your laptop out and start ticking things off the list. Some online stores even offer gift wrapping which is a bonus because no one enjoys doing that.

When really stuck for ideas, gift cards can be a great solution. It gives the person more of a choice with want they want to buy. There are also vouchers for activities such as dinner on a boat, high tea, cooking classes, yoga retreats, massages & spas, wine tasting, sky diving and plenty more never seem to go unwanted. Because gift cards are often small to open, pairing it will a nice bottle of wine will never go unwelcomed.

To find that simple and unique gift is hard to find, and that’s exactly where to find it on, Hard To Find. A unique gift I have always found is pleasant to receive as an adult is a nice plant, candle/diffuser, perfume, jewellery and power tools. A unique idea for a child/teen could be polaroid camera, pool/beach toys, family board games, waffle maker, books or clothing.  

Stocking stuffer ideas for the whole family could be sweets, art supplies, sunscreen, beauty supplies, pyjamas, socks, undies, bath accessories, games for outside and in, candles, fishing accessories, cooking tools, Bluetooth speakers/headphones, tea cup, water bottle.

Charity gifts are amazing to give others regardless, but its an excellent idea to for those who asked for “nothing”. There are many organisations that have created Christmas cards that you can give to people for a certain donation amount that will say “you have given this family in Africa a goat” or “one water pump”. Otherwise there are plenty of charity’s that need Christmas gifts bought for children from disadvantaged families.

Make Christmas a fun time of year, and start shopping early.

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