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How to make and keep you new years resolutions

One third of people don’t make it past the end of January when trying to achieve their new years resolution. That doesn’t mean you have to be one of them. A lot of the resolutions nosedive because they aren’t achievable goals in the first place, either having too high expectations, too vague, unrealistic or doing something someone else wants you to do not yourself.

You need to start by asking yourself what you want to change in your life the next year, and if that can be done solely on your own, because if other people factor into that goal, it is less likely it will be attained. Write it down and make it absolutely clear. Don’t just say “I want to lose weight”, write down exactly how much you want to lose and by what date. i.e. 5kgs in 3 months. It is more effective because you can see the end goal clearer.

Most resolutions flourish when measured. Some goals like weight are easy to measure, but if you wanted to stop a bad habit maybe write down how many times you do it a day, use photos if applicable i.e. nail bitting, this should be regularly jotted down either on paper or an app so you can measure and reinforce your progress.

The goal must be realistic, don’t jump too big too fast. That will just bring you down when you haven’t achieved them yet. I.e. wanting to save $1000 a month may be unachievable, always start small with something like $100/month.

You need to be sure this goal matters to you. Is it for the right reasons? Sure, its easy to say I want to eat clean because people think that’s what you should do. But if there is no progress to eating cleaner, there will be a burn out of passion of that goal, hence why people give up. Think of your goal as not just a resolution but changing the structure and meaning of your life.


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