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How to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Is The hustle and bustle of Christmas time damping your Christmas spirt with stress? Or you might just never have enjoyed Christmas. Its not to late the get in the spirt of things whether it's a refresh or new concept.

In the last week leading up to Christmas try a new spirit boosting tradition each day.

On the first day put on that Christmas playlist, in the car and at home. Wrap the presents and decorate the house and tree a little more. Better yet get the whole family involved, spend a day wrapping everything all together listening to those Christmas tunes.

Spend a bit of this week to help those in need, there a dozen charity events that run during this time and could really do with all the help they can get. This could be in a soup kitchen, gift wrapping or buying gifts for those who just can’t afford them.

On the third day, start baking. Make some yummy mince pies or ginger bread men. Decorating the ginger bread men with your kids or friends will be fun activity and will surely get you into that Christmas spirit.

Following night, curl up on the lounge and watch a Christmas movie with your family and friends. Don’t forget to get out those freshly baked goods from the day before to snack on.

Its now only a day or two before Christmas which makes it the perfect time to stroll around your neighbourhood or others to see the lights and decorations.

Christmas eve is a few hours away, make sure by now you have prepared everything for Christmas day including food and presents so that the day doesn’t become a heap of stress and you can visit all your loved ones with ease.

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