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How Breakfast Foods Boost your Mood

Some of us can be a little addicted to sugar without even knowing. Do you crave a big bowl of cereal, eat it for breakfast and then 2 hours later crave sugar again? You’re not alone.

Many of us don’t know, that what you eat for breakfast will impact the rest of your day and hence the rest of your life. A 2017 study that was printed in the Journal of Physiology displayed that eating a regular morning meal directly affects how the fat cells in our bodies change the genes concerning fat metabolism and insulin resistance. That’s why its so often called the most “important meal of the day” So eating something high in refined carbs (jam on toast, yogurt or cereal) makes it harder during the day to sustain energy levels.

Although some of us decide skipping breakfast is a good idea. You may think it might help with diet and weight loss, however you could be very wrong. While you would be eating more calories, those calories may be balanced by other energy burning benefits that help manage weight. Not only that, but your blood sugar levels rise from not eating breakfast which causes strain on the body which results in insulin resistance, weight gain and most likely overeating high sugary cravings.

Sorry to say but too much coffee won’t keep up those energy levels either. Our cortisol awakening response occurs around 8-9am and as it is already at its peak the caffeine will push it over the top which leads to adrenal fatigue. So if you can’t live without it try having it between 9:45-11 for optimal attentiveness.

Our breakfast foods that will keep you not only alert but increase focus and memory during the day, that will also help you maintain a healthy weight is, bircher muesli, chia bowls, oats, porridge, quinoa, smoothie or eggs. Eating these will help boost endorphins and serotonin, and thus keep you feeling amazing all day.

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