Have your own organic garden at home

Have you ever thought what pesticides and chemicals retain on the fruit and vegetables you buy from the grocery store? Why not have a cheaper and organic supply of fresh fruit and vegetables right at your doorstep. Here is how to start this year having your own veggie garden.

When starting your veggie patch selecting a position is very important. It needs to be in an area with plenty of sun (in both summer and winter) and protection from wind. Having a raised garden bed will give it the soil extra depth for adequate drainage and root growth. Corrugated water tanks are the easiest to start the veggie patch, however you can also use timber and bricks.

Next it is best to divide your veggie patch up into four areas. The four groups can be leafy greens, fruits, vegetables and herbs. To keep it in tip top shape buy some veggie mix, manure and compost for the soil to provide it with vital nutrition. Create a dense layer of mulch over the soil as it reduces weeds, temperature and provides moisture.

Plant the seeds and watch them grow. Don’t forget to check the information tag on each seed packed or plant to see what it specifically needs as all plants are different.




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