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Happy Earth Day! Bottoms up to Eco friendly bamboo wipes [Cheers]

To celebrate our beautiful planet on EARTH DAY next week, we’re getting to the bottom of baby and face wipes by looking at what’s good for both Mama Earth, ourselves and our babies.

 [Drum roll]

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Parents & Grandparents to be, lovers of the earth, get set for life changing, earth friendly information to help you with one of the essentials needed for life with a baby (or without).


 Wipes become an absolute necessity when you have a baby. You always need them on hand. They live in your nappy bag, car, pram and follow you on the gloriously messy journey of parenting. They can save the day from an unexpected variety of cleaning mishaps; from a baby ‘code brown’ to spilling your coffee on your only clean, white top enroute to work. This might explain why disposable wipes are a booming industry that grows 6 – 7% each year. *

 We invite you to think about where these disposable wipes end up after their convenient debut in life. Let’s take a moment to ponder the simple choices we can make to keep baby clean and Mother Earth happy.

 Disposable wipes are part of the world of ‘sneaky’ plastics. A bit like tea bags, wipes don’t ‘look’ like plastic, but typically they are made from polyester, an oil-based plastic that won’t biodegrade. These either fill up landfill or if flushed down the loo, they turn into the Stephen King like greasy monster of a problem known as ‘fatbergs’.


To complicate matters, brands often ‘greenwash’ wipes to make their product sound good for the environment by using slogans such as ’flushable’, ‘biodegradable’ and ‘natural’, when in reality, they are not. Standard wipes are often loaded with toxic ingredients: fragrances, paraben, phenoxyethanol and more which are harsh on the planet and your baby’s behind.

 And let’s be clear. All wipes are straight up – NOT FLUSHABLE. Google ‘fatberg’ if you are unsure. But you can never unsee this. EVER!

The best choice for wipes is one made with a natural fibre which will naturally decompose and are perfect for delicate baby skin. And the best natural fibre is bamboo. Bamboo grows fast enough to meet demand, without false irrigation, pesticides or fertilisers. **

 Thankfully WOTNOT celebrates Earth Day all year round by creating products that can make a difference to both your parenting life and the planet. Hallelujah to this rare balance of finding a product that is both friendly to the planet and genuinely great to use.

 Why choose award winning WOTNOT Baby and Face Wipes:

  •  Sustainable Bamboo: The wipes are made from 100% natural bamboo fibre which is the most sustainable product but also the gentlest on soft, delicate baby skin. And bamboo is a natural anti-bacterial! So, that’s WIN – WIN!
  • 100% Compostable: The wipes are biodegradable and compostable which means they can be home composted or disposed of in general garbage.
  • Water Content: The wipes are 98% water. The remaining 2% is made up of nourishing, healing ingredients.
  • Carbon Neutral: WOTNOT reduce all carbon emissions through planting new trees in areas of deforestation. Proud supporters of Carbon Neutral Australia, every purchase of products goes towards reducing their carbon footprint! 
  • Gentle on skin: Suitable for the most sensitive, problem prone skin with certified organic Aloe and Vitamin E. There’s no hidden nasties or fragrances.
  • Super soft, super strong, uniquely EXTRA-LARGE!!: Perfect for any spillage or nappy change, extra-large wipes mean you can soak up more and use less. Huzzah!

This EARTH DAY, you’re invited to take care of your little family and the planet, with the choice of WOTNOT wipes. It’s an easy switch with minimal cost, with convenient options to buy in bulk or subscribe. Easy Peasy – no need to worry about baby brain forgetting them on the shopping list.

Let’s make life easy, convenient, good for baby, yourself and good for the planet.

MAMA EARTH, we’re thinking of you (& all the parents out there).  Happy Earth Day!

Contributor: Marianne Randall





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