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Five ways to protect your wellbeing while social distancing

We’re living in an unsettling and unprecedented time with still no clue of where things are headed. But as weird as things feel right now, we have gotten used to peering at empty supermarket shelves, giving people a wide berth as we walk by and swapping our night pyjamas for our day ones.


While social distancing measures may have introverts rejoicing, being stuck inside day after day isn’t entirely good for anyone’s wellbeing, even with the restrictions starting to lift slowly.


Our days were blending. Working from home feels more like work all the time. But news updates are a little less gloomy day by day, shining a little light to map our way out. For now, with some kids at school part-time, everyone is still confined to the one space which can compound the stress on this last stretch.


So, it’s important to take steps every day to make self-care your priority. Here are our tips for ways to look after your wellbeing and come out the other side of lockdown still feeling like you. The end is hopefully close! 


#1 Create a routine

Before Covid-19, you may have already had a standard routine before work or getting the kids set for school. But with social distancing, all that could have gone out of the window. Maybe now is the time to implement some of these routines again.


Whether you write a routine down or make a mental checklist in your head, a daily routine is one of the best ways to look after your mental health, especially if you're out of work. It helps provide the stability that we’re all craving right now. Without a routine, you’re more likely to feel drained, anxious and directionless.


You could benefit from a routine that starts in the morning to get your most dreaded activities out of the way. Or you might find an evening routine, such as laying out your exercise clothes, helps you get set for the following day.


If you no longer have a morning commute, why not start the day in a new way and try meditation or yoga ... maybe you’ll even keep this going post-Covid!



# 2 Be kind to yourself

We’re seeing hilarious stories of people getting dressed up to take their bins out. Why? Because we miss having an excuse to get dressed up and feel good about ourselves.


While putting on an evening dress and getting glammed up for the rubbish run does sound like fun, there are some easier ways to lift your spirits and be kind to yourself.


Perhaps it’s something simple like applying mascara to help you feel more like you. Maybe it’s just switching out of trackies for the day and wearing some nice jeans to break the routine.


It may sound like punishment for some, but a blood-pumping workout is one of the best ways you can be kind to yourself and boost your serotonin. Your brain will thank you and when the beach ban is lifted, your body will too.


You may also take this time to try some new recipes. As the empty flour shelves have shown, anxiety-baking is now a thing, and has proven to be a good way to reduce your stress. Indulge a little and make a sweet treat, just don’t go overboard.


#3 Hang out with mother nature

The swing sets may still be closed, but one thing we’re loving right now is seeing all the people make use of the park.


Parents are having fun playing with their kids. It’s inspiring to see people running laps or respectfully using trees to assist with their resistance training. People of all ages are just out enjoying a walk.


Seeing people out in nature and off their phones can give you a feeling of connection knowing that we’re all in this crazy time together. What an easy way to lift your spirits!


If you’re blessed to live near a national park or a lake, taking a short stroll among the trees or along water can help reduce stress and have a positive effect on your wellbeing. Just a short amount of time with mother nature will bring rewards to your ears with birds singing, your eyes with gorgeous scenery and a boost to your overall health.


#4 Re-Connect with others

If you’ve living in an area that still restricts all social catch-ups maybe consider having digital coffee dates with friends? If you are lucky enough to be allowed to meet in small numbers, now is the time to slowly start reconnecting. Maybe go for a walk with a friend, enjoy the crisp autumn air and this new-found freedom to interact.  

Isolation has not been easy for most of us and the smallest acts of kindness can have a ripple on effect that goes beyond what you see. Connecting in a simple way like smiling as you pass someone on the street or being kind to the workers at the supermarket can help make both your days a little brighter.


#5 Practice gratitude

Having a positive attitude towards gratitude can feel wrong in this dire time, especially if things aren’t going in your favour. But it’s scientifically proven to be great for your mental health and level of happiness to acknowledge what is good in your life right now.


It will also help open you up to new people and opportunities when times are tough.


While we don’t want to credit Covid for bringing joy to our lives, there may be some silver linings that you’ve experienced during this strange time. 


It can help to write down daily what you're grateful for. Whether you’re keeping a journal or just a mental note, this is a great list to remember especially when you’re feeling down or overwhelmed.


We are living in a truly historic time but it will end. We will come out the other side, things will get back to normal even if it is a new normal. Our mission as a company is to help improve the wellbeing of our community and we believe that these little acts of self-care will help us get through this time and emerge feeling more positive and ready to get going again.

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