5 Reasons You Should Be Using Face Wipes

1. They are perfect for the lazy girl

You know those nights when you get home late or those days you arrive back exhausted from work? You just want to flop into bed and you can't be bothered to do your usual end of day beauty routine. Sometimes it's okay to be lazy, but your skin shouldn't have to suffer because of it. Face wipes to the rescue! It only takes a couple of minutes to cleanse your skin with a wipe and you can hop into bed with a fresh face.

2. They are a great travel skincare solution

Travelling certainly takes a toll on your skin and often your usual beauty regime is thrown out the door. Having face wipes on hand is a convenient way to be able to cleanse your skin anywhere, anytime. Ideal for flights, camping and carrying around in your bag without the chance of leakage from a liquid product and no need for water to work, face wipes are a jetsetter's best friend.

Try our Wotnot Face Wipes Travel Pack which comes in a beautiful hard case with mirror on the reverse to help ensure no smudges on the go!

3. They help to remove stubborn eye makeup 

Sometimes cleansing your face isn't enough to remove eyeliner and mascara, which can remain  around the eye area even after you've washed your face. Using face wipes to gently wipe it off is an easy solution, which also allows you easy hand held control over where you are removing it from. Just make sure you are using a Wotnot toxin-free face wipe, as the eye area is highly sensitive.

4. They can refresh your skin on the go

Swishing a face wipe over your skin can be an instant pick-me-up, making you feel clean and fresh in a flash. Keep a pack stashed in your bag for those moments you need a mini skin revival.

5. They make a great gym bag essential

There's nothing like a good sweaty gym session, but leaving sweat on your skin between the end of your workout and when you get home to shower can be enough to clog your pores, leading to breakouts and congested skin. Having face wipes on hand to cleanse your skin with on the way out of the locker room is great for saving face, literally!

Get your toxin-free wipes here. We have award-winning natural and organic face wipes for every skin type and age group!

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