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10 unexpected reasons why you need Wotnot face wipes in your life

3min read

Did you think that Face Wipes were bad for the environment and you could go on without them?

Did you used to love them, but then found a soap-free face wash bar that kind of did the trick?

Have you ever wondered if you have your beauty routine down pat? You’ve heard of double-cleansing but not quite sure how to go on about it?

Have you had 15 minutes in your day and craved a facial but were stuck at home?

Wotnot Naturals Face Wipes

Read on to see how these fabulous, compostable wipes can change your life:

  1. With their ultra-soft bamboo fabric they can help you change from business chick to party kick in no time. Wipe the day off your face and body and freshen up before hitting the gym or the bar. They do not contain any strong, drying chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils, which many conventional wipes do and they thus alter the delicate pH of your acid mantle, which can cause inflammation and irritation.

  2. This one is an amazing one, take note: keep a couple of them (aka our deluxe 5 pack) in the fridge, so when you have had a hard day, pop one of the wipes on your face and feel the stress melt away. All the good oils will help reduce puffiness and under-eye circles, for skin that feels like after a deluxe facial at the day spa.

  3. Long-haul flights are back baby! This is definitely where you need these wipes to replenish your skin, take away all the grime and grossness of the flight, so you step out of the plane like a first-class passenger.

    Wotnot Face Wipes

  4. Dying your hair at home: We all love a good at-home hair dye, but sometimes we’re not as good as we thought we would be at applying the colour and are left with extra dye all over our neck and forehead. Gently wipe away dye with a facial wipe. It will clean your pores while eliminating left-over hair dye.

  5. Got a girl- or boyfriend, but not serious enough yet that you can leave your full 10-step skincare routine in his/her bathroom cabinet? Just leave behind one of Wotnot’s face wipes and you are feeling fabulous and at home, without giving off that “I have moved in” vibe.

  6. Been on a night out? At a wedding? Or loving your waterproof mascara every day? Then you know that most face washes do not take all the heavy eye make-up off, so grab one of our extra-soft and gentle wipes to eliminate the last, hard to remove smears and give your face the best double-cleanse ever. 

  7. Pregnant? Then consider these when you pack your hospital bag. Because believe us, you will thank us later when you get unexpected visitors after that 20-hour labour!

  8. Have a teenager at home? Help them find their groove with skincare and pesky hormone-induced imbalances by making it easy and simple for them to cleanse and unclog pores. The Wotnot wipes are infused with organic oils to rebalance the skin barrier and help to remove dead skin cells for a fresher and brighter face.

    Wotnot Face Wipes

  9. Here is a handy hint: If you are always on the run and need a quick fix: they cleanse, tone and hydrate in one go! It couldn’t be easier to look after your skin.

  10. And last but not least, they make for a guilt-free solution: the fabric is made from the fastest-growing fibre in the world: bamboo and if that wasn’t good enough, the oils and ingredients that are permeated through the fibres are 100% natural and organic. So you can put the wipes straight in your compost or normal bin and they will fully disintegrate! (not just biodegrade into little plastic bits that so many others do!). Remove the resealable label and the packaging is recyclable through the soft plastics system.

Saving your skin and making you feel good, one wipe at a time! 

Check out our range of face wipes today! 

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