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Australia's leading natural face sunscreen and primer to protect you against sun damage. Our unique formula is enriched with COSMOS approved plant collagen which helps minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 16% when used daily for 8 weeks. This natural sunscreen is perfect for everyday use. It's lightweight, rubs in easily and doesn't leave behind a white cast, making it ideal for use under makeup. And because it's a physical sunscreen, you don't need to worry about absorbing unnecessary chemicals into your bloodstream. #wotsnottolove

Key Benefits

  • Proven 30 SPF Broad spectrum UV-A & UV-B protection
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles with COSMOS approved anti-aging collagen
  • Wear it under makeup - sheer, lightweight, matte
  • Rubs in easily, no dreaded white cast
  • Improves your skin complexion as you wear it
  • Healthier than chemical sunscreens - no toxic nasties
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, reef friendly

Trusted By Experts

“I have sensitive skin and I don't usually like the feeling of sunscreen on my face or the white ghost like effect some natural sunscreens leave behind. This SPF does go on white initially, however rubs in very easily and becomes transparent and primes skin perfectly creating a great matt base for makeup application. I also love that this is a multi purpose skincare product that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”



Wear Under Makeup

Many "eco-friendly" sunscreens are thick & greasy. They leave behind a white cast that makes you look like a ghost. Our sunscreen is lightweight and rubs in easily with a matte finish. It doubles as a makeup gripping primer so you can wear it everyday for every occasion.

Minimise & Reverse Sun Damage

Not only does our sunscreen provide effective 30 SPF broad spectrum protection, it's packed with age-defying ingredients like plant collagen which have been proven to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by up to 16% when used daily for 8 weeks.

No Toxic Nasties

Wotnot Naturals formulas are so close to nature, we know your skin will love them as much as we do. Free from chemical UV absorbers, PEGs, parabens and artificial fragrances.

The Ultimate Sunscreen?

The most loved Australian natural sunscreen is about to make you fall in love all over again. Released to critical acclaim, the 30 SPF Anti-Aging Facial Sunscreen & Primer is lighter and more effective than ever before. Wear it everyday - with or without makeup - and your skin will look younger & healthier for longer.


Real Reviews From Real Customers

"Love this sunscreen. I’ve tried them all and this is the most lightweight and mattifying physical sunscreen I have found. No breakouts, doesn't melt after 10 minutes in the sun. No nasties. My skin has actually improved after wearing it everyday. Fine lines are also less. Highly recommended!


"Love this product! It’s a spf30, brightener and primer all in one! I put it on in the morning under my makeup and it lasts all day. It’s not at all oily and I love that’s it’s certified organic so I know it’s safe to use on my skin. I have noticed my wrinkles have faded slightly too (not sure if it’s the plant collagen in the sunscreen but hey I’m not complaining!)"


Why Choose Wotnot Naturals?

Certified Organic






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