What our customers say

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"I am a Naturopath in Brisbane where I have my clinic, but I also have an online business called Eat Play Sleep. Your baby wipes are by far the best on the market - not just because they are biodegradable but because they work the best!"

Kirsten Gray (naturopath)

"Can I just say, this is one of the best products I have used in a long time.  I couldn't believe how soft the towelettes were!  And not to mention how great they smelt and what a great job they did of getting off a day's worth of TV make-up!  The other facial wipes I've used - mainly L'Oreal and Nivea - are nowhere near as soft on my skin as these are.  They were also packed with plenty of moisture which was fantastic!" 

Emma Freedman (TV presenter)

"Constant travelling makes Wotnot facial wipes a perfect staple in my bag.  I have sensitive skin so being all natural is very important to me."

Jodhi Meares (fashion designer and TV presenter)

"I love using Wotnots when working because everything is clean in seconds, and there is not a dry feeling on the skin after using them. The women I work with have commented they really like the soft feeling they are left with and that wotnots don't have the usual alcohol smell. It is always good to find a product that is environmentally sound, I love using them.”

Chris King (celebrity make-up artist)

"Wotnot sunscreen is the best I've ever used!!!”

Tracey Spicer (Sky News presenter)

"After working in the beauty/make-up industry for over 15 years you can really tell the great products.  Wotnot facial wipes are definitely a staple in my make-up kit.  I can use these on all my celebrity and model clients, even if they have sensitive skin.  Wotnot facial wipes are a fantastic natural product and I can't believe they have not been out sooner in the marketplace".

Leiane Taylor (make-up artist)

"Loved the Wotnot wipes, they have been an absolute godsend this week when I've been rushing between jobs and needing a fast switch of make-up. They really are super efficient at removing many inches of camera make-up and they don't irritate at all - no residue left on the skin which is brilliant!"

Erika Heynatz (singer, model and TV presenter)

"Just wanted to let you know that I love your products!  I usually buy the baby wipes and also recently bought the sunscreen and it's fantastic!  Your corporate morals are very much inline with how I feel and I appreciate your approach to business! Keep it up!   I also use the Moltex nappies along with cloth nappies and I LOVE them. "

L. Moulden

"Thanks for offering such a great environment product!"

K. Booth

"Keep up the good work.  Love your product - wish it was available in supermarkets."

M. Deacon

"Your product is fantastic - what a relief to have an environmentally friendly alternative!"

M. Henry-Davies

"I was recommended to Wotnot by a good friend.  I love everything it stands for and doing our ecological bit - particularly when it comes to using disposable nappies.  So, needless to say we were thrilled to be introduced.  THEN... I saw the other products they have... I am now a regular user of Wotnot sunscreen - our whole family uses it.  I love the coverage it gives, it is easy to apply (the kids even use it willingly themselves) and I feel that it gives us good protection (as it appears to have a high zinc content, which you can see with the coverage it provides)."

L. Vezgoff