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Moltex Eco Nappies

These days, we’re all looking to make smarter and more eco-friendly choices in our lives. 

Wotnot creates products for health-conscious parents who are looking for a greener alternative.

Safe for baby and the planet, without sacrificing quality: discover the safest, most eco-friendly, and best nappies in Australia.

We understand that making greer choices starts with research, as well as trying to find a brand to align with that shares your values.

We’re here to help you make your green journey a little easier, with a range of baby products, including the best eco-friendly nappies in Australia.Our nappies support growing bubs from newborns (2-4kg) through to the XL collection for young children up to 30kg.

Why choose Moltex biodegradable nappies?

Safe Clinically tested and allergy certified, Moltex organic nappies contain no fragrance, no chlorine, and no lotions.

Absorbent Clinically tested for fast absorption and liquid distribution, our nappies keep baby dry and comfortable all day and all night.

Organic Soft, organic cotton wraps your baby in total comfort, making our eco-friendly nappies ideal for delicate skin or eczema. 

Green The inner layer is made from 100% natural origin - sustainability harvested corn and sugarcane, made with 100% green electricity.

Shop Moltex eco nappies in Australia from Wotnot today.


Baby skin's a carrier, not a barrier. The body doesn't know what to do with foreign substances absorbed through the skin so it dumps them in fat cells where they accumulate across a lifetime. This can manifest in unpredictable ailments from reactions to allergies and developmental disorders to cancer.


Let's face it. Our kids can be pretty gross. Those sticky hands, and snotty noses. And that's before we even check their pants. But we still love them. But we also love making cleaning up a breeze.