vegan makeup brushes
vegan makeup brush
vegan makeup brushes
vegan makeup brush

Vegan Makeup Brush Set

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Our makeup brush set now includes two extra brushes - a kabuki brush and a fan brush.

Our vegan makeup brush set makes applying makeup more fun and so much easier.

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or simply love experimenting to create your own unique look, the right brushes make all the difference. 

Wotnot’s handmade vegan makeup brush set features handles made from satin lacquered bamboo, which is eco-friendly and light weight for easy handling - yet strong and waterproof. 

Luxuriously soft cruelty-free fibres help you flawlessly apply powders, light liquid creams and foundations.

Plus, our vegan makeup brushes contain antibacterial properties which repel bacteria held in the fibres to protect your skin from breakouts and bacterial infections.


    This 10-piece set includes:

    Powder/Bronzer Brush

    Foundation Brush

    Blush Brush

    Eye Shadow Brush

    Eye Contour Brush

    Angled Eye Brush

    Eyelash and Brow Brush

    Lip Brush

    NEW! Kabuki brush

    NEW! Fan brush

    Shop the best makeup brush set in Australia online today with Wotnot.

    Imagined by you, created by us

    Some award 2020


    Learn how to use the make-up brush set to get beautiful smokey eyes.