Wotnot Cotton Shopping Bag

  • Wotnot Cotton Reusable Shopping Bag

Wotnot Cotton Shopping Bag


Help rid the planet of plastic bags with one of our 100% cotton shopping bags – and look great while you're doing it!

Washable, easy to fold and lightweight, our handy carry bag will be an essential part of every shopping outing. 

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Grab one of these lovely cotton shopping bags today and save our planet from this....

Plastic bags have been around for 30 years now. It is estimated world-wide that 1 trillion bags are used and discarded every year.

Australians use 3.92 billion plastic bags a year, that's over 10 million new bags being used every day. An estimated 3.76 billion bags or 20,700 tonnes of plastic are disposed of in landfill sites throughout Australia every year. Australians dump 7,150 recyclable plastic bags into landfills every minute or 429,000 bags every hour.

It is estimated that around 50 million bags enter the Australian litter stream every year. Unless they are collected, they remain in the environment and accumulate at a staggering rate. If these 50 million plastic bags were made into a single plastic sheet, it would be big enough to cover the Melbourne CBD!

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  • 37.5cm wide x 44.5cm high
  • 26cm handles 

Why Wotnot Naturals?

Certified organic ingredients
(unless noted)
Biodegradable & compostable
Not tested on animals
Unscented for sensitive skin
Australian owned
Giving back