Moltex eco friendly MAXI NAPPIES (7-18kg) 5 packs per BOX (150 nappies)

$131.00 $136.00
  • Moltex eco friendly MAXI NAPPIES (7-18kg) 5 packs per BOX (150 nappies)

Moltex eco friendly MAXI NAPPIES (7-18kg) 5 packs per BOX (150 nappies)

$131.00 $136.00


The first eco nappy in Australia is still the best!!
  • Comfort recess for newborn umbilical cord
  • 100% biodegradable outer lining
  • 100% chlorine-free bleached
  • 40% biodegradable inner lining
  • Tea leaf extract in absorbent core to help neutralise odours
  • Awarded the FSC tick of approval for responsible forestry
  • Made with more than 50% renewable resources from controlled cultivation
  • Free from TBT, antioxidants, lotions or perfumes
  • Recyclable packaging

Moltex nature no. 1 nappies are the leading eco nappy in Australia. Not only do they have excellent eco credentials but they are the front runners for absorption and fit, and excellent for children with sensitive skin or those suffering from eczema. In fact, we were so confident of their performance that we conducted our own experiment to show you just how well they compare against other eco nappies and a leading conventional nappy.

What our customers say: "Definitely the best nappies! And the only ones I use!"   T. Shepard

Moltex nature no. 1 nappy is the clear winner!

There are other eco nappies available – some of which are described on various websites as being “biodegradable”.  There is no such thing as a 100% Biodegradable Nappy.  However, Moltex nature no. 1 nappy is the closest you will get to it. 

Moltex's nature no. 1 nappies do not need to be added to landfill sites. The inner contents of the nappy have proven to breakdown to make excellent compost within 8-10 weeks in a wormery. The minimum super-absorbent material used in the nappy gives excellent water retention properties to the compost which is especially relevant to our climate and water shortage issues.

We offset all import carbon emissions with Carbon Neutral.


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Best nappies!
Fantastic to hear! Thanks so much, The Wotnot team
Best nappies
Hi Jess, thanks for great 5 star review! Wonderful to hear your feedback. Cheers, The Wotnot team

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