5 Small Changes that Can Have a BIG Impact on Your Health


Now that we're already a month into 2017, those New Year resolutions could be falling to the wayside. Often we make large and overwhelming goals with the best intentions, however this isn't always the best recipe for following through.

Instead, why not incorporate some small changes that can add up to big positive changes in your life if you're consistent? Here are 5 of our top simple-but-effective life hacks to get started with.

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All About Getting Alkaline


In the world of wellness, health and balance are like two best friends; a fabulous and inseparable duo. At a biochemical level in the human body, maintaining the balance of alkalinity and acidity in our fluids and tissues is vitally important for overall health. The good news is that nutrition and lifestyle choices are the key factors that impact upon how alkaline or acidic your body is at any given time, meaning you have the power to tip the scale in the favourable direction. Hint: your body loves to be alkaline!


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Lola Berry's Sunset Slushie

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 2.15.02 pm
This recipe is an excellent source of vitamin C, lycopene and bioflavonoids, which means your skin will love it. In summer, we’re naturally going to be exposed to more sunshine, so this is a great one to be drinking then, when your skin will really benefit from that extra protection and support.
Lola Berry's Sunset Slushie
Serves 2

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5 Quick Tips for Keeping Your Skin Vibrant During Party Season


1. Stay hydrated

In the warm weather you'll need extra fluid intake to keep your hydration levels up, which is essential for glowing skin. Make sure you're having 2-3 litres of good quality water each day. You can also load up on high water content fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber, celery, watermelon and pineapple, which come with the extra benefit of vitamins and enzymes, while being a delicious summertime food.

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Q&A with Anna from Munch


Here's what happened when Wotnot chatted to Anna from Munch, the innovative, eco-friendly company heralding from New Zealand that produces sustainable food packaging products and offers ideas and recipes to feed the family.

Munch grew out of an Award winning cookbook by Anna and her optimism to grow a company that allowed for a sustainable ‘Motherhood’ workforce, created eco-friendly and unique products with strong design elements, and was an advocate for children.


  1. Can you tell us about Munch?

Munch – useful, beautiful and green.  An Australasian social enterprise.  We make products and market ideas that are eco-friendly for families around the kitchen.

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Acai Bowl Mini Vegan Cheesecakes Recipe from Amazonia


Our friends at Amazonia have shared these mini acai bowl cheesecakes with us and we think it's pure genius! They make the perfect  "grab and go" acai bowl, a summery dessert and party crowd-pleaser!

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Munch's Top Ten Tips for Healthy Lunchboxes


At www.munchnz.co.nz we like to think we are the home of Lunchbox inspiration. We recently launched our Munch Lunchbox Cookbook and have been thinking up lots of great lunchbox recipes.

Here are a few of our top hints and tips that will get your kids gobbling down their lunches and make their lunchboxes the envy of the class. If you are going to spend time and energy creating healthy lunchboxes for your kids, you want them to come home empty!

1. Variety keeps kids interested

Try and mix up the foods you give your kid over the week. Just like adults, kids find it boring eating pretty much the same thing every day. Try out different breads (bagels, wraps, pita bread) to make a change from their usual sandwich. For a change from bread based lunches you could swap them for fritters, muffins, sushi, pasties, mini home-made pizzas, Vietnamese rice paper rolls, mini quiches, frittatas or pasta salads.

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5 Reasons to Use Face Wipes


1. They are perfect for the lazy girl

You know those nights when you get home late or those days you arrive back exhausted from work? You just want to flop into bed and you can't be bothered to do your usual end of day beauty routine. Sometimes it's okay to be lazy, but your skin shouldn't have to suffer because of it. Face wipes to the rescue! It only takes a couple of minutes to cleanse your skin with a wipe and you can hop into bed with a fresh face.

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Jessica Sepel's Spring Detox Salad Recipe

Nutritionist and author of The Healthy Life, Jessica Sepel shared her go-to salad during a seasonal cleanse with us. Hint: it's nourishing, detoxifying and totally delicious!

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Q&A with Natalia from No Nasties

We recently chatted to Natalia, founder and CEO of No Nasties, the Australian company playing a fun part in the natural cosmetic movement, creating beautiful and colourful, non-toxic items for kids.


Can you tell us about No Nasties Makeup?

No Nasties Makeup is an Australian owned company creating all natural kids play makeup, face paint and hair chalk.

There are also 9 “peeps” in our range, all starting with the letter “n” for No Nasties, with cute little faces and stories to read on our website www.nonastiesmakeup.com.au

All of our products are made by our team of mums in Sydney, Australia from 100% natural ingredients. We deliver beautiful, recycled brown paper packages of fun from our family to yours.

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